We’re happy to report that we’re back in the water today. Warm sunshine has returned. With this much-appreciated springtime thaw, Phillip has “finished” all the projects he started last year. Today we’re all smiles as the travel lift carries us back to the water.


We spent the winter in Deltaville at a friend’s condo on Jackson Creek and worked on Izula in sub zero temperatures. With the record snowfall, work was slow on the boat. But we made the best of it. We built an epic igloo, watched lots of movies and made many warm fires. Phill’s mom “Gogo” was visiting from England and got snowed in with us for a few months too. 

This summer we’ll finish the important things on our “to do” list and start our journey south before winter hits again. Phill says this seasonal situation messes with his boating. The crew agrees—we all prefer mild year round temperatures too.


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