Thunderball Grotto is a magical and beautiful place. We used our dinghy to get close to the cave. Then we jumped into the water and swam toward the opening. It was high tide so it was tricky to get inside. We went in through a crack in the cave wall. Once we got in, the cave opened up and there were loads of fish.

I saw a grouper, a queen angelfish and a snapper. There was also a big school of blue tangs. A Bahamian man gave me some bread and I fed the fish. They were all around me, it was really cool. I swam over to a place where the ceiling was low and it was dark.

You still see because of a hole at the top of the cave. There were also underwater passages to go in and out of the cave, so the lightening was really cool. I sat down on the rocks inside to adjust my mask, and when I spoke, it echo’d.