Me and my family took a vacation to Melbourne Beach, Florida. The house we stayed in was right on the beach and near the Archie Carr Refuge. According to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, “Loggerhead sea turtle Read More
Thunderball Grotto is a magical and beautiful place. We used our dinghy to get close to the cave. Then we jumped into the water and swam toward the opening. It was high tide so it was tricky to get inside. We went Read More
I was excited and happy to be getting ready to go zipling. Tristan says he was a little bit scared and excited too when the guides started putting on the ziplining harness and safety gear. After I heard the safety Read More
After an easy morning sail from Christmas Cove in St Thomas, we arrived in Bahia de Tortuga on Culebrita island. As we entered the anchorage, we saw turtles poking heads up to look at us. The water was blue and Read More

Hiking in Antigua

We anchored in Falmouth Harbor, and went walking with our friends on sv Roam in Nelson’s Dockyard. We met an Australian woman named Michelle who just finished rowing across the ocean in a rowboat. She’s the first Read More

Bequia and the Ma Peggy Trail

We took a local bus from town to the start of the Ma Peggy hike. We couldn’t find the trail at first. We walked past some goats, there was lots of tall grass, and then the ground got rocky. There wasn’t much of a Read More

Grenada is full of surprises

This friendly beekeeper shared stories with us of his happy island bees buzzing around in the sunshine. Flavored by delicious selection of flowers, fruits and spices, we tried a little bag of dark mango honey and Read More