Bequia and the Ma Peggy Trail


We took a local bus from town to the start of the Ma Peggy hike. We couldn’t find the trail at first. We walked past some goats, there was lots of tall grass, and then the ground got rocky. There wasn’t much of a trail at first, but once we got up the hill, the trail became clearer.

We passed a spiky cactus forest with trees that shaded us. It was hot. Once we got past the forest, we were walking up a lot of rocks that made the trail slippery. We climbed up over some boulders. Then we came to the lookout. You could see the whole anchorage and lots of islands in the distance. We found our boat and we could see the paddleboard at the back. We were so high in the sky. I was just sitting there. It was like we were touching the clouds. We took photos.

The story of Ma Peggy was that she used to climb up there every day to help spot shoals of fish for the local fishermen. The local fishermen really appreciated it. Ma Peggy had incredible eyesight.

Climbing back down, I fell on a cactus and cut myself. A cactus stuck in my hand, and I plucked it out. When we got back to road, we went to the Bequia Whaling M useum. They had all different parts of the whale and we touched the baleen from a whale. We saw some harpoons, and I wondered how they could throw them because they were so big. You’d have to be quite strong to throw it.

We walked down the road to the Fisheries, where we saw a man sleeping on a large whalebone. Then we went inside the building. Saw a lot of fish, saw some people cleaning conch, and we went up to the tanks. We saw so many lobsters. I’ve never seen so many. We couldn’t even count them. They were getting shipped out overseas.