We parked the dinghy at the Grenada Yacht Club in the lagoon in St George’s. Then we took a taxi to the Annandale Waterfalls. The roads weren’t crazy like the ones in St. Lucia, but not as nice as the roads in Virginia.

When we got there, we walked down a path to the waterfall. I heard the water before I saw it. It was beautiful. There were mango trees, and there was green all around us. We saw a star fruit tree, an avocado tree and French cashew fruits. There were kangaroo tail plants and a golden river too.

The waterfall was coming from a creek above. I liked it. We put our backpacks and clothes under a big tree and then we hopped in the water. It was cold. But it wasn’t like saltwater that kept you afloat. It was fresh water. Dad jumped from a platform that was high up. Then all of us boys jumped into the natural pool. It was quite deep. When I did a pencil dive, I still couldn’t touch the bottom. I also did a cannonball.

Then we all swam under the waterfall. I put my head under the water, and the power of it kinda hurt. I let the water hit my back. The waterfall took my breath away a little. I was so happy to be under a waterfall in Grenada and in the Caribbean!

I tried to climb up a root and it was stretchy. Then Sandy lifted me up to reach it, but the bark slid off and I fell into the water. All the kids tried to hang on the roots.

We also walked along the rocks in the creek at base of the waterfall. I found a Grenadian watermelon and it looked yellow like a mango, but it was different when I squished it. When I popped it open, seeds came out. Tristan thought it was a passion fruit but it wasn’t. You know why, it wasn’t gooey.

We had so much fun at the waterfall. I like waterfalls. I like cold ones and hot ones that come from volcanos.

*Bodin age 8 is learning to tell his stories. This blog is part of our homeschool curriculum.