We rented a car and went sightseeing in St Lucia with our friends on sv Tarika. The roads were crazy, they twisted and turned and went straight up and down. When we looked down on the sides of the road, we saw jungle and steep cliffs. We pulled over at some viewpoints and saw the Pitons in the distance.

The first stop was Toraille Waterfall. It has a drop of about 50 feet and is the highest in St Lucia. We stepped down on sandbags to get into the pool at the base of the waterfall. The bottom was very rocky. When we stood under the waterfall it kinda hurt on the top of my head. And it was really cold.

Then we went to the Soufriere Volcano Sulphur Springs. When we arrived in the car, we could smell the sulphur, and it was stinky like a fart. We walked down the stairs to the thermal pool, and we saw people covered in mud and drying in the sun. The mud baths are supposed to make you look 12 years younger. The mud is also good for eczema and sore joints.




First we got in to a super hot thermal pool. Bodin couldn’t get in for a while. We rubbed gray mud on ourselves. Then we sun dried the mud on our skin for about 15 minutes. When we were dry, we got back in to the hot pool to rinse off the mud. My skin didn’t feel any different. But Mom looked 12 years younger (she wanted me to write that).

We also went to the Piton Waterfalls. We were the only people here. We had to walk down a tree-lined and jungly path. There were mangos on the ground everywhere. We picked up a few and put them in mom’s backpack. We saw a lot of colorful flowers and heard lots of birds. When we got to the falls, we realized they were warm thermal falls.

There was a pools at the bases of the two waterfalls and both of them were like hot tubs. We sat on the smooth rocks on one side of the pool and let the warm water rush over our skin. It was relaxing. Then we went to the other hot tub pool and sat in there for a while. These pools were tucked into the jungle and green was everywhere. It was really beautiful.

We hiked back up to the car. And on the way back to the boat in Marigot Bay, we stopped at some fruit stands and visited an artist’s studio. It was a very fun day.




  1. What an adventure! So well written I felt like I was there with you! Haha!
    It’s so good to be able to read about all the wonderful experiences your having and fantastic that you’re able to share them with family and friends.
    Come on Bodin. I would love to know what you’re thinking of this massive adventure.
    Lots of love
    Gogo Xxxx

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