Me and my family took a vacation to Melbourne Beach, Florida. The house we stayed in was right on the beach and near the Archie Carr Refuge. According to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, “Loggerhead sea turtle Read More
Thunderball Grotto is a magical and beautiful place. We used our dinghy to get close to the cave. Then we jumped into the water and swam toward the opening. It was high tide so it was tricky to get inside. We went Read More
The stars are so amazing at sea. I did a night watch and sat at the helm for about 3 hours. I looked at the twinkling bioluminescence in the water. There was no moon, so everything was really bright, and the water Read More
I was excited and happy to be getting ready to go zipling. Tristan says he was a little bit scared and excited too when the guides started putting on the ziplining harness and safety gear. After I heard the safety Read More
Today we went to a Spanish fort called El Morro in Puerto Rico. When the Spanish found Puerto Rico they realized that the riches of the new world could bring them great power and riches. So they had to protect the Read More
We sailed around the Culebrita to get to next island of Culebra. We anchored in Ensenada Honda which is off the small town of Dewey. I dropped the dinghy, and we went into town to get some bread for lunch. We passed Read More
After an easy morning sail from Christmas Cove in St Thomas, we arrived in Bahia de Tortuga on Culebrita island. As we entered the anchorage, we saw turtles poking heads up to look at us. The water was blue and Read More
Here in Red Hook, we anchor just off Vessup Beach. Racehorses swim past our boat some mornings. We wake up to hmmphhhh hmmphhhh snort snort and watch them swim circles around us. These guys are the biggest seahorses Read More

Full Moon Party in BVI

The full moon party at Aragorn’s Art Studio in Trellis Bay in the BVI was so fun. We got to the beach just before the sun set and there were lots of people there already. We met some friends from others boats, and Read More