After an easy morning sail from Christmas Cove in St Thomas, we arrived in Bahia de Tortuga on Culebrita island. As we entered the anchorage, we saw turtles poking heads up to look at us. The water was blue and clear. Dad anchored next to a kid boat called Soluna.

We saw the powdery white sandy beach, jumped off the boat with masks and snorkels and swam ashore.

After we got to the sandy beach, we decided to walk to the baths. We carried our snorkels and fins to the what people sometime call the Culebrita jacuzzi.We walked along the rocks. It was an easy walk. Once we got there, we saw a big pool  It was crystal clear. I put on my mask and saw lots of rocks under the water. There were lots of little fish. When I picked up a handful of rocks and watched them slowly float down to the bottom,  lots of little fish started eating at the spot where I tool the rocks.from. Dad and Tristan walked up to the top of the rocky cliff above us. They pointed out another pool. Me and mom climbed over some big rocks to get to the pool. That pool was warm, but it didn’t have as many bubbles. The water was very clear and there weren’t as many fish in there. Dad and Tristan climbed back down and came to the pool. After about an hour, we packed up our stuff and made our way back toward the beach. We swam back to the boat.