I went to see street art and I made some too at the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. The streets were closed. The artists were using pastels and chalk to make art right on the road. Even the artists’ children were drawing near their parents. It seemed like there were artists everywhere.

Some of my favorite drawings were colorful. The giant lizard had a pattern that was so colorful. There was a 3D drawing. I looked through a special lens to make it more 3D. It was really cool.

It was a hot and sunny day, so we got Italian ice. Mine was cherry and watermelon. Tristan’s was lemon and mango. It was really good!

In the children’s street art area, Dad and me drew a picture of a marlin jumping out of the water and some fish below. I had chalk on my knees, my elbows and my hands. I had a lot of fun drawing with Dad. We had a nice time at the festival.


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