Market Day in St Georges


The best time to go to the market is in the morning. All of the fish and meat come in the morning, and there are not that many people.

We were looking for a yellow fin tuna for sushi. Yellow fin tuna are really good for sushi, but we didn’t find any tuna at all. We saw a moonfish. Dad thought it was a Big-eye Jack. There were lots of sailfish. We didn’t buy anything at the fish market today.

After that, we went to the meat market. On the way there we bought some fruit. Guava, passion fruit and limes are in season. We make fresh lime frozen drinks on the boat. We saw our friends on sv Karis at the meat market.

The meat market was actually an unrefrigerated shipping container. There was meat hanging. We bought a pork leg and some pork chops. The butcher used a machete to cut the meat. It was very different kind of shopping experience.

When we got back to the dingy there was a bunch of people buying fish right off one of the fishing boats. We drove back to Izula. Back at the boat dad trimmed the meat and he is making pulled pork BBQ. The market day was lots of fun.


  1. Hi Guys
    Fish and meat market looks very …erm… interesting! Sorry you didn’t manag3 to buy any fish but I bet the pork was good.
    When we lived in Blythe dale we could sometimes buy fish from the commercial fishermen down at the beach. Mmm… Doesn’t get much fresher than that! ?Xxx
    Lots of love
    Go go Xxxx

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