Two more days of north wind are predicted and then the easterly trades settle in at 15-20 as far out as the forecast goes. So, we decide to use this north wind for a comfortable ride over the tongue of the ocean and across the yellow banks to the Exumas.

We leave Fresh Creek at about 10 a.m. with waypoints set on the chart plotter for Norman’s Cay. Our heading is nearly due east. It’s amazing out here today. Fishing lines are off the stern. We toss back a barracuda (we always toss back barracudas).

A single dolphin comes to play as we sail across the shallow banks. He plays in our bow wakes. We lay on the trampolines for a closer look. He jumps, dives and darts back and forth in front of us. He tilts slightly to the side and up as he passes, so he can have a good look at us all with his big eye. Clapping and waving seems to spur him on, so we oblige and cheer louder and louder. All is good in the world when you have a dolphin escort.