SUP Fun in Beaufort


We met the wonderfully friendly Beaulieu family on the dock yesterday. They kindly introduced us to the fun of SUPs. We’re officially in the market for some of these toys now. It’s great to look down into the water while you paddle. You see fish swimming with you. Sometimes you see the unexpected shark too here in Beaufort!


Tristan is a natural. The little guy hops aboard (for the first time ever) and paddles like he’s been doing it his whole life. No problem. But I can’t seem to go straight for the first 10 minutes. With every stroke, I turn left or right. Then the current has me stuck in one spot. Once I start to use the paddle properly, I get some forward motion. And it’s really fun.

IMG_4993The kids challenged their balance with some SUP yoga. They tried four on one board. Once they lifted legs for tree pose, it was all over. Splash and everyone was in the water. SUP funCannonballs off the SUP… and spins and human pyramids!


Zen master Phill found his inner balance as well. Beaufort SUP

With current and wind behind us, the trip back to the dock was a breeze.

  1. Hi Stacey and family! It was a real pleasure meeting you and having the boys over! They are so sweet and entertaining! Safe travels and maybe we’ll connect again some time!

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