Snorkeling Peanut Island


We were driving in our dinghy. We saw a good snorkeling area near Peanut Island. We dropped the anchor in the water. Then we got ready with our snorkeling gear. I put my fins on. And I put my mask on and my life jacket.

I jumped in the water. And it was cold. Then we started snorkeling. We saw fishes. Some of them were black and white with stripes. We saw a barracuda, a yellow tail snapper and a parrot fish. And the best thing of all is that… it was awesome.


After we snorkeled we had a little picnic. We ate pizza on the beach. We saw 2 Belgian Shepherds playing, a puppy and a mom. Then we found some coconuts on the beach. We found 2 green ones that were full. We brought them back to the boat.

First I tried to cut the coconut open with my knife. Then we drilled it open. I tried coconut water and I didn’t like it. It tasted weird.


  1. Wow Bodin what an adventure! If you live in the islands you’ll acquire a taste fot it. Maybe you’ll find a more ripe one and enjoy that taste. Fresh cocunut meat is so yummy. Goes great with fresh fish wrapped in bananna leaves. Miss you all!!

    S/V Dreamcatcher

    • Hey Amanda, yes, we are looking forward to your dad joining us and doing some sailing in the Bahamas. Its one of our favorite cruising destinations, he’s going to have a blast!

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