We woke up in the anchorage in Lake Worth. It was 6:45 a.m. Our Dad went out to the back of the boat and looked to his right. He saw that the boat floating next to us last night was now sinking. The front of the boat was underwater and the back was still up. We called the coast Guard and they asked for our coordinates. We told them our GPS coordinates.

In about 5-10 minutes two Palm Beach Marine Units with SHERIFF on the side, the Tow Boat US boat and the Coast Guard boats came. The Marine Police guys had pistols attached to their belts at their right side and four ammo mags on the left. One of he SHERIFF boats had 4 300-hp engines.

We watched the sailboat sink. It took about an hour. It happened fast. The Marine Police circled around the sinking boat a couple of times. They stopped and pulled together. Me, my dad and Bodin got in the dinghy and drove over. We said we were the ones that called on the radio. My dad told the Marine Police what happened to the sinking boat and said it was floating last night.


Then we went over to another cruiser’s boat. We talked to them. Mostly about where they were from and where they were going. Then we drove over to the Coast Guard boat. We started talking about the sailboat and how it sank. And thank goodness it wasn’t spilling diesel or gas. Then a police boat came over and we started driving away. The police boat came over to ask us if we knew the name of the sinking boat. We didn’t. Then we came back to our boat. The Coast Guard called on Dad’s phone to thank us.

SIDENOTE: What we learned:

Boats sink fast.

Dad says we should’ve launched our dinghy asap to check boat to make sure nobody was there, even though we hadn’t we were pretty sure there was nobody on the boat.

Dad says should’ve switched our GPS on immediately, so we could give the Coast Guard a position faster. But we had just woken up.

  1. Good job Tristan. We all learn something new everyday , especially when we live outside in the elements. Very well written! Miss you all!

    S/V Dreamcatcher

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