A rough start through coral heads and past the Porgee Rocks marker this morning out of Rose Island, we’re on our way to Norman’s Cay. I question our weather choice. Traveling east is often a rough passage, and this one is lumpy. We do have a point of sail, so it’s not entirely on the nose. And Captain Phill assures us all that the conditions are expected to calm. Onward.

The boys lounge around while I bake fresh yeast rolls for lunch. The Captain keeps us on course and trimmed to sail. As the day progresses our sail angle gets better and better. For most of the day, we make about 6-7 knots with about 40-degrees sailing. Main and jib are up, and Izula seems happy to be moving across the Exuma banks. But this is pinching for a catamaran. Plus, we’re heavily loaded. Phillip could build another boat with all the spares we carry aboard. He’s always prepared. Just the kind of captain you want on the ship.

In the lee of the Norman’s, the ocean calms. We pass the tip of the shallow spit off the southwest and turn to sail between Channel Cay and Norman’s Cay. We enter the anchorage just as a little squall hits. The heavens open, and we’re drenched. But after it blew through, we knew our anchor was set.

After dark, Phill noticed that Izula starts to dance. The wind was opposing the current, or maybe Izula was just curious about the cute little Catalina… but this risky movement with our neighbor boat, Enosis II lasted throughout the night. Moving together then apart, the boats pull on anchor chains in different directions. Though it seemed too close at times, the ships just gently passed in the night.

After breakfast my boys went to find the Queen of the Bahamas. But instead  Bodin found the King—a beautiful helmut. Very proud of his find, he presents it to me with a huge smile. What a magical way to start the day.

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