We went fishing with Shawn on the Boston Whaler here in Rose Island near Nassau. We were trolling for a while and got nothing. So we decided to speed to a deep spot to do some deep drop fishing. Shawn found a spot that was 1,256 feet deep.

I helped with the electric rods. If a fish hits, you just turn it on and it reels for you. You don’t have to do anything else. You just pull the rod and then you turn in on. We hooked a queen snapper and used the electric reel to bring it up to the boat.

When the fish got to the boat, it looked disgusting. It had it’s swim bladder out and it’s eyes were popped out. It looked really gross. The swim bladder sort of looked like a tongue sticking out at us. Dad said that the fish was down so deep and coming up so fast that the pressure just popped it all out.

Dad caught a Cuban dogfish, it was a really cool shark. It had eyes like flashlights because it lives so deep down. The skin felt rubbery smooth one way and jagged the other way. We released him and he swam way down deep into the ocean.