We’re south of Crooked Island anchored off Long Cay which used to be called Fortune Island. There are reefs all around. We got into the dinghy, and drove to where sv Double Instinct crew was already diving. Our friends on sv Tarika went with us. I drove the dinghy there. We anchored just on the edge of a patch of reef.

I got my snorkeling gear on. I looked over at Josh and he said 3.2.1 and we jumped in. Underwater we saw a huge brain coral. Right under Lyle’s dinghy there were about 50 yellow fish, I think they were juvenile Bluestriped Grunt. I also saw a Queen Triggerfish, French Angelfish, Squirrelfish and I think I saw a Sand Tilefish.

We showed Josh and Ben the Flamingo Tongue snails that live on purple sea fans. The snails are parasites and eat the coral. There were sea rods, lettuce coral and a huge stand of Elkhorn Coral too.


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