Is this really the end?


Summer has been full. And as we celebrate this Labor Day at the marina barbecue, we reflect on how quickly the season has passed. Now that tropical storm Hermine has blown through, we’re left with temperatures in the 70’s, no humidity and cool northerly breezes. It feels refreshing after those 100-degree days, but is this really the end of the summer already?


We’ve met some wonderful people and made great memories here. Phillip has been busy installing a freezer and attending to boat projects, but we’ve also have had lots of time for fun. Luckily, there’s a pool here. The kids have stayed active and busy with lots of other children playing Marco Polo, sharks and minnows and racing for torpedos underwater. Boogie boarding at Caswell Beach and Oak Island is usually on the mellow side. So when we can’t catch any waves, we bury the children for fun. They seem to like it.img_5047


In between boat jobs and while waiting for parts and deliveries, we’ve been inspired to take a few road trips. Fort Fisher Aquarium across the Cape Fear River via the Southport ferry was a fun day out. Touring the Battleship Wilmington was an eye-opener. Reading personal accounts from the sailors on placards around the ship gave us real feeling for what life was like on board a battleship in WWII. Definitely much different than the conditions aboard Izula. And of course as sailors, we had to visit the local Southport Maritime Museum. It’s small but interesting as the area has such a rich history. 


I’m pleased to report that we froze our first ice pops two days ago. Clipping the tops off these pops was like a ribbon cutting ceremony for Phill. After weeks of teaching himself refrigeration and installing, sweating, wiring and cursing his way through teh new system — he won. It works! This is big news for the crew. Not only does it mean a greater selection of foods aboard (ice cream) and less trips to the market, it also means that it’s time to start making preparations to get off the dock and go sailing again. 


  1. You guys really know how to live life to the full, and my heart swells with pride at what you’ve achieved and the experiences you have had over the last few months.
    Looking forward so much to joining you in December! Whoohoo!

  2. Nancy and Dick Disbrow says:

    I am so sad to see our new friends go, but know that we have found friends that we are going to see for years to come! Enjoy the next passage, keep telling the stories on your website, and see you soon!

    • Nancy and Dick, As always it is sad to leave the dock especially when you have to leave behind all the good friends you meet along the way. Miss you guys!

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