Halloween 2018 Cruiser Style


Halloween in Grenada is certainly one to remember. These cruiser kids had a total blast in our floating neighborhood. Late in the afternoon, everyone met up on Calabash Beach to make final preparations. Faces were painted and kids made plans.

All the costumed kids piled into the waiting convoy of dinghies and went trick-or-treating boat to boat. We pulled up alongside the anchored boats as the kids yelled “trick or treat!!!” Cruisers were dressed as hula girls, pirates, robots, devils and there was even a Captain Canada. Participating boats hung yellow Q-flags all around Prickly Bay, and a treasure map/route was provided so we could find all the “booty.”

And there was a lot of booty! Candy bags were filled with local chocolates and sweets plus a few favorites from back home like peanut butter cups and double bubble gum. Some cool cruisers gave the kids Frangipani flowers, local spices and candies. There was popcorn, ginger drops, small boxed cereals and pringles too!

After filling their candy bags, the kids were treated to a big bonfire on the beach. S’mores were made with Grenadian dark chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. The “CTC” or Candy Trading Company was set up by the kiddos for swapping… Tristan traded all his chocolates for skittles while our Bodin loaded up on the chocolates (happy mama). It is a very happy Halloween in Prickly Bay.